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alcohol treatment
  Relapse Prevention

Relapse means using alcohol or drugs after seeking to stop and relapse is a very common experience for many alcoholics and drug addicts. Relapse occurs for most people especially if they do not seek professional treatment. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to conquer addiction on one's own without help and relapse can be very frustrating. On the other hand relapse can also be just another strong indication that professional rehabilitation is necessary in order to control a drinking and drug habit. Most people are not willing to come into recovery until enough negative experiences have occurred and relapse is almost always one of them.

But why does relapse occur at all, why can't someone with a drinking or drug problem simply stop if he or she wishes? The answer lies in the nature of addiction and the disease of the mind and body. In the mind of an addict or alcoholic, using drugs or drinking alcohol becomes an obsessive thought, superceding all other thoughts even those that are empathetic to friends, love ones and career. It is this obsession that leads the alcohol or drug abuser to the seemingly selfish act of getting loaded over and over to the neglect of all other life's responsibilities. Often a promise not to drink or use drugs will be violated latter that day, the next day or a week later. When the relapse occurs, shame and guilt set in and often spur even more drinking and using. The disease of alcoholism and addiction is much like other diseases like cancer or diabetes; it does not give the sufferer a choice once it has taken hold.

The second element of addiction is the physical craving for alcohol and drugs. The body of an addict or alcoholic has changed chemically to adapt to the chronic usage of drugs or alcohol. When these substances are stopped, physical withdrawal symptoms can become very uncomfortable. Relapse often occurs as a temporary solution to physical distress brought on by withdrawal symptoms. Some people try to "chip away" at their disease by reducing the amount of drink or drug without drug or alcohol treatment but this technique is seldom successful.

What does work then? Professional drug and alcoholism treatment that addresses both the physical and mental aspects of addiction is a proven method of recovering from dependence on alcohol and drugs. Spencer Recovery Centers have been serving the recovery community for over a dozen years and have many clients who have recovered from their dependence on alcohol and drugs. With long-term treatment options and outpatient follow-ups, relapse prevention is constantly reinforced as a foundation grows in the outside recovery community.

If you or a loved one is tired of a never-ending cycle of relapse and broken promises, we encourage you to call Spencer Recovery Centers today. Our facilities are top notch and our medical and psychological staff will customize a treatment plan from detoxification to successful reintroduction into society. The disease of alcoholism and drug addiction can be successfully managed so please call us today to learn more.



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